NewzBrain Weekly Print

What is the Weekly Worksheet?

  • It's a 40 Week Subscription* with 70 NEW Q&As each week!
  • A self scored worksheet as a teacher answer key is provided.
  • All questions in the NewzBrain quiz games are non-controversial and non-violent topics.
  • Up to date news based on news from the past week

It is the exact same quiz as the Civics Print Game except provided for you WITHOUT answers to be used as a classroom worksheet.  The total points in the Worksheet are 2800 and can be utilized by the individual student or a group breakout session.  The Worksheet is intended to teach current events and at the same time give the teacher a well needed break  from teaching. 

Most teachers treat the activity as a pass/fail participation activity.

When used as groups, NewzBrain recommends that you use a differentiation of learning levels in each group.

* 38-40 Issues depending on holidays.

View the Weekly Worksheet Demo! View the Teacher Answer Key Sample!

About Us

We are a lifelong learning quiz and national academic challenge curriculum helping students and adults to think globally.

What We Provide

Jeopardy-Style Civics Game

The popular Jeopardy-Style Civics Game is for elementary, middle and high school classroom use.

Quiz Bowl Challenge

We also organize and sponsor the Quiz Bowl Challenge for grades 4-12.

Students play against students. Teachers and parents also can play in an adult division!

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